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  • With every each change , are some of the queries failing which consumers have written . …



Leave application using Hasura and Vue

elastic search — searching simplified


  • on-boarding system would like to understand whether there is existing customer by the same name .
  • Customer information search system would like to search by name
  • Searching documents ( made of texts ) with any order of the input words ( a.k.a Full text search) .
  • searching documents with small variation of spelling to that of input ( a.k.a edit distance search)
  • Searching documents…

face recognition using passport photo

  • User passes id/password to the server as part of authentication .
  • password is validated , server generates a token and saves the token in the database against the user id.
  • Server sends a token to the client.
  • Client will send the token back in all subsequent api request .
  • Server will validate the token against the one saved in the database and allow the request to proceed ,provided user has correct authorization on the api .
Authorization issues in case of micro services communication

  • api based communication
  • event based communication


Interests : software design ,architecture , search, open banking , machine learning ,mobility

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